Quick Guide to Finding Articles and e-Books

  1. In the blue menu, click Databases.
  2. Choose the database to search. Databases are organized by subject and by source type.
    • Quick Start databases are a great place to start your research.
    • Comprehensive databases include information on many different topics, including two newspaper databases.
    • Scroll down for links to ebook collections and databases organized by subject.
  3. Enter your terms into the search bar. Use the left-hand menu to refine your search results. Helpful options include:
    • Limit to Scholarly Journals
    • Set a date range
    • Choose your Source Type
    • Limit by thesaurus terms or subject
  4. In the top right, click on Date Newest to sort results by Relevance, Date Oldest, Author, or Source.
  5. Scroll through the results and click on the article title to read the abstract. Save articles by emailing them to yourself.


Passwords for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff:

  • A link to passwords appears at the top of the Databases page.
  • Match database name in parentheses to the name in the password document.
  • Copy and paste the username and password!

Call or email Reference for help! (909) 384-8289 or refdesk@valleycollege.edu