Rules of Conduct
Material Check-Out Information
Computer Usage Regulations
Library Mission Statement
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The patrons of the SBVC Library are expected to behave in a manner that does not disturb other Library patrons, disrupt the operation of the Library, or endanger Library materials. 

LIBRARY Users are NOT permitted to:

  1. Interfere with anyone’s use of the Library or with Library personnel’s performance of their duties, which  include:
    a. obstructing walkways,  floorspace,  or stairways;
    b. whistling, singing,  talking loudly—including shouting, using abusive, obscene,  or threatening language;
    c. lying down on furniture and/or sleeping anywhere in the Library; and
    d. putting feet up on furniture, or moving furniture other than chairs at tables.
  2. Consume food or beverages (except water from the drinking fountains) anywhere in the Library.
  3. Use cell phones to make or receive voice calls; texting is allowed unless the clicking disturbs others.
  4. Smoke anywhere in the Library, including the restrooms.
  5. Play audio equipment so loudly that others can hear it, or play musical instruments in the Library.
  6. Engage in lewd behavior.
  7. Bring animals into the Library except those needed to assist a patron with a disability.
  8. Use the restrooms for bathing.
  9. Bring children into the Library. Children are not allowed in the Library under any conditions and are not to be left unattended in any campus facility.
  10. Solicit anywhere in the Library.
  11. Go barefoot or without a shirt inside the Library building.
  12. Ask Library personnel to store or watch over personal belongings. Any unattended belongings (such as bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc.) will be immediately turned over to the Campus Police.
  13. Vandalize the Library building, furnishings, restrooms, or materials in the collections.
  14. Enter the Library with bicycles or skateboards.
  15. Bring weapons of any sort into the Library.
  16. Engage in game playing (cards, chess, etc.)

Please Note: Reserve materials will not be checked out to students ½ hour before Library closing time. Plan ahead!




Enrolled students simply need to show a current SBVC student ID card to check out materials. If the student does not have an SBVC ID, they can show a photo ID and provide their student ID number to library staff.


GENERAL COLLECTION BOOKS circulate for three weeks (21 days).  In-person renewals are available if no one else has requested the material(s).  Return general collection books to the Circulation Desk or to an outside book drop.  You may check out five (5) general collection books on any one topic, and 15 books total at one time.

RESERVE MATERIALS circulate for intervals from one hour to 21 days. Return all Reserve materials to the first Circulation Desk staff member. You may check out two (2) Reserve items at one time.

TEXTBOOK BANK books cannot be taken out of the Library; however, they can be used for two-hour periods in the Library. You may check out a maximum of two (2) Textbook Bank books at one time.

NO RESERVE MATERIALS or TEXTBOOK BANK BOOKS will be checked out to you ½ hour before Library closing time. Plan Ahead!

CRAFTON HILLS COLLEGE LIBRARY general collection books circulate for two weeks and are available to SBVC students via Interlibrary Loan (order Crafton books at the Circulation Desk). You can also go to Crafton and use your SBVC ID card there to get the materials you need. NOTE: If you are requesting a book from Crafton, the SBVC Library Staff has no control or knowledge of when the book will arrive.

REFERENCE, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS MATERIALS, OR PERIODICALS cannot leave the Library; however, photocopiers are available for use.

GENERAL COLLECTION overdue fines are 10¢ per item, per day, and accumulate to a $5.00 maximum per title.

RESERVE MATERIAL overdue fines are 25¢ per item, per hour, and accumulate to a $10.00 maximum per title.

TEXTBOOK BANK overdue fines are 25¢ per item, per hour, and accumulate to a $20.00 maximum per title.

REPLACEMENT FEES If a book is overdue more than three weeks, we consider it to be lost.  In addition to the fine and the replacement price, a $2.00 non-refundable clerical fee will be charged for each lost item.


If you owe a fine, you will NOT be able to receive your grades or transcripts; you are blocked from registering; you cannot obtain a grant or loan; and cannot graduate until the fine is cleared.


San Bernardino Valley College Library 

We work to ensure fair and responsible usage in the Library Computer Lab. By using the computers, you agree to comply with our regulations.


  • being a currently enrolled student with no fines owed;
  • engage only in research coursework related to class coursework and other college-designated activities;
  • follow directions from SBVC Computer Technicians and Library staff;
  • keep personal belongings with you at all times. We assume no responsibility for any personal items left unattended;
  • make arrangements for childcare as campus polity states that children are not allowed in the classroom/Library under any conditions;
  • follow copyright laws. Staff will not duplicate copyrighted materials and downloading of music or videos is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • supply personal headphones to listen to music, and to play the music at a volume that does not disturb adjacent students;
  • NOT eat, drink (except water), or smoke anywhere in the Library.


  • When the computer lab fills to maximum capacity, Lab Technicians will announce that 30 minute time-blocks for computer use will be enforced. A wait list will then be created to ensure fairness.
  • Computer maintenance or other college or network-related work may require that computing sessions be interrupted with little or no advanced warning. Students may be asked to save their work and log off of the computers, and to return when maintenance is done.
  • The Library Computer Lab shuts down computers 15 minutes prior to closing time. Students will be asked to save their work and log off.


  • Downloading to the hard drive. Students may save materials to their own storage media only.
  • Accessing images, websites, or services unrelated to academic programs.
  • Playing games, accessing social media networks, and/or other recreational activities.
  • Using FTP.
  • Engaging in commercial activities of any kind—marketing, selling, or buying are not allowed.
  • Attaching any personal devices to computers with the exception of headphones or USB flash drives.


  • Any attempts to circumvent these regulations or network system security measures will result in the immediate revocation of all computer access privileges for periods of time up to and including permanently.
  • Computer Technicians and Library staff shall be responsible for the enforcement of these policies and regulations. If questions or concerns regarding these regulations arise, technicians and staff should be contacted for assistance. Unacceptable use of any of these facilities or equipment is grounds for loss of computing privileges as well as disciplinary action under college District polity, and may lead to legal sanctions under local, state, and federal laws.


  • Laser printout, black & white, text only: 20¢ per page
  • Laser printout, color graphics with/without text:  $1.00 per page


2-hour check out: The study room can be renewed after 20-minutes to give other students a chance to use it.

The Library Mission Statement “In conjunction with the statement of mission of our parent institution, San Bernardino Valley College, which accepts as its educational responsibility the fostering of learning and personal growth for the people of the community we serve, the Library sees as its primary goal the support of the academic programs of San Bernardino Valley College. Through its professional and paraprofessional staff, the Library shall provide a wide range of learning resources at varying levels of difficulty, with diversity of appeal and the presentation of different points of view, to meet the needs of students and instructors.

Collection development is required by the accreditation standards of the Accrediting Commission of California Junior and Community Colleges (ACCJC), a branch of the Western Association for Schools and Colleges (WASC) Accreditation Commission.  It is the means by which the Library provides an organized collection of print and non-print resources that will meet institutional, curricular research, and instructional requirements, as well as supporting the development of the lifelong habit of reading.  This also insures that the cultural and personal enrichment needs of the college community are met.  Collection development is achieved by librarians, administrators, faculty, staff, and students working together to select library materials which best fulfill the above-stated needs.”